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Industrial Truck and Equipment Co Provide a Comprehensive Range of Commercial Grade Castors Adelaide – Furniture, Light, Medium & Heavy Duty Castors Australia






What Industrial Castor Do You Need?

Businesses of all types will require castors Adelaide from time to time. ITEC, officially known as Industrial Truck & Equipment Co., provides a wide range of castors of all types. The best thing is that these low-cost castors are perfect to meet the needs of all companies. And even better, we can ship them all over Australia. So wherever you happen to be, know that we will be able to ship these important castors to you very quickly.

There are numerous types of castors available for use, and we will shed some light on the various options below. And there are also many wonderful benefits to using castors Adelaide, and we would also like to provide some insight into the benefits as well.

Let’s take a further look.

Types of Available Castors at ITEC

A list of our main castors include:

Business owners or individuals have the opportunity to use these castors in various ways. Some of those ways include:

With furniture castors, it’s quite possible that a company or individual might need to use them for chairs or light duty trolleys. Also note that there are different pintle options available for the various types and styles of furniture.

As far as light, medium or heavy duty industrial castors are concerned, they are available to use in a number of different ways including: laundry trolleys, engine stands, display stands, waste bins, maintenance trolleys, maintenance platforms, mobile lifting equipment, gantry cranes, cargo trolleys and more.

And when it comes to institutional castors, they are often used in hospitals for hospital beds and other furniture items used across hospital wards.

Finally, we also offer a wide range of castors that are perfect for high temperature environments. These castors can withstand up to 100° to 400°C and they are perfect for bakeries and other high heat working environments.

The Benefits of Using Castors Adelaide in Your Business

Having the right castors makes a big difference in business. For starters, you’ll need high-quality castors in order to roll trolleys, furniture and other pieces of equipment to make life easier in the business setting. By getting the right castors, you will make the job that much easier. This is a huge benefit to businesses all over the globe.

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